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Don’t Let Foreclosure Fees Add Up! Stop Foreclosure Now!!

Sell Your House During Foreclosure

When those overdue notices start piling up from your mortgage company, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may be tempted to ignore the problem, hoping it will disappear. But you’re not alone!

  • Are you resorting to credit cards for groceries?
  • Has your income taken a hit?
  • Struggling to make your house payment?
  • Facing unexpected medical bills?

If your financial situation has taken a hit and you’re having trouble keeping up with your monthly bills, you could be at risk of foreclosure.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! Get cash for your land or home and avoid foreclosure. Whether you have equity or owe more than your home’s worth, we can help even if your property is in foreclosure.

In some cases, if there’s not much equity, we may offer cash for the deed to your house and continue making mortgage payments on your behalf. This “Subject-to” transaction can help you avoid foreclosure.

Don’t Wait Until Your Property is Up for Auction!

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Sell Your House Fast During Foreclosure!

As foreclosure rates rise, more sellers are turning to short sales to avoid foreclosure. We work with a team of short sale negotiators and real estate pros specializing in negotiating short sales, with our investment firm as the buyer.

Did you know homeowners can often get cash from the bank for completing a short sale? Even if your home is set to be auctioned off in a week, it’s not too late! We can help you avoid foreclosure!

 Don’t Tackle Foreclosure Alone!

Protect Your Credit: Avoiding foreclosure can protect your credit rating for up to 10 years.

Eliminate Mortgage Debt: Clear all debt related to your home, including 1st and 2nd mortgages, HELOCs, HOA dues, judgments, and liens, leaving you with cash in hand.

Get the Help You Need: We connect you with top-notch professionals who’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Peace of Mind: Stay in your home for at least another two months without paying your mortgage or facing eviction! In some cases, we can provide financial assistance to relocate your family.

Land Property Partners LLC Can Arrange Services Like…

Trusted Local AttornysCleaning Services
Title ProfessionalsCarpet Cleaners
Personal Property Estate SaleInsurance Agents
Moving & Storage CompaniesAuctioneers
Home InspectorsBusiness Consultants
Remodeling ContractorsFinancial Planners
Foundation SpecialistsTax Professionals
Land Property Partners LLC

Why Wait To Sell?

Besides an attorney, your best resources are cash buyers who understand the foreclosure process and can close quickly. Contact us with any questions about a short sale on your home and how we can help you avoid foreclosure.

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Office: 321-333-5537 – Toll-Free: (888) 208-4184

Don’t Tackle Foreclosure Alone!

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