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We Listen. We Strategize. We Connect.

The More Partners You Have, The Less You Have To Worry About!

We recognize that you may be feeling overwhelmed, and that now is not the best moment to start this talk. For the time being, we only want to inform you of the numerous services and solutions we can provide you and your family if…

Land Property Partners Cash Advance Program

  • You aren’t interested in keeping inherited land or home
  • Your inherited land or home has been sitting on the market for months.
  • You have to pay delinquent property taxes on unused inherited land or home.
  • You’re living out of state, planned to live in inherited home. But, stayed
  • You need assistance without any upfront fees & commissions.

We pride ourselves on getting to know you and listening to your needs so that we can take care of every detail.

Five Simple Steps

  • Strategize the best plan of action
  • Schedule your solution providers
  • Organize your personal property
  • Prepare the land or home for sale
  • Market and sell the land or home

Our straightforward procedures take care of your individual situation and connect you with the people who can help you along the way, reducing stress and complicating your obligations.

We Don’t Get Paid Until We Follow Through on Whatever We Say. With a Warranty in Writing!!!!

What Are Your Options?

If you’ve been given an inherited piece of land or a house, you can…

Unfortunately, many families hesitate and leave real estate vacant, and as the property becomes older, the quality deteriorates and the value drops.

Keep It

If you choose this option, we’ll ensure that the property is properly transferred, that any repairs are completed by our vetted contractors, that the property is correctly financed by our vetted mortgage team, and so on.

Before taking the plunge on your own. Before it’s too late, meet with our expert property management team and learn about the challenges of being a landlord. It’s important to be aware of your possibilities.

Sell it As-Is

You’ve seen the posters and postcards that say “We Buy Houses.” Because they aren’t always working in your best interests, these real estate investors will acquire it “under contract” and close on their own timetable.

We have over 100 vetted local cash buyers, and when we provide you with an offer, we are looking out for YOUR best interests, not theirs.

We have vetted Realtors with proven home-selling strategies to ensure you earn the maximum money in the shortest period possible.

It all starts with a discussion of your objectives and schedule, after which we match you with an agent who can execute your strategy.

Renovate & Sell

When your property is in outstanding shape and has recently been repaired or renovated, you can obtain top price for it.

If you don’t have time to be involved, our staff has a lot of design and remodeling experience and can manage the process for you. Renovations may typically increase the value of a home by 10% to 50%.

Dewie Smith

What a great experience I had working with them. They took a parcel of property off my hands I didn’t want any longer and was unable to sell. They paid all the back taxes and HOA fees so my credit rating was not hurt. Everything was handled online safe and secure. Thank you!!

– Dewie Smith

How Can We Help?

Our Network of Local Experts = Less Worry

We’re Committed To Making A Difference!

Our business strategy is straightforward… We collaborate with contractors, home inspectors, auctioneers, cleaning services, insurance agents, local attorneys, tax professionals, financial advisors, and moving businesses, to name a few.

Here’s How Your Trusted Partners Can Help You?

Reach out to explain there is help you didn’t know aboutHelp find suitable housing & relocate family members
Listen to your challenges and goalsHelp sell the real estate
Present you with all available optionsDirect how to invest the proceeds to meet your goals
Design and implement a strategy based on your goalsHelp families sell & upgrade their current home
Provide professional advice and guidance unique to your situationGuide families on buying rental property
Establish the value of any personal property and real estateShow families how to plan for the future
Coordinate the estate sale & personal property donationsYou get clear, timely communication via phone & email
Clean properties outDeliver on the promises we made

Your Situation Is Unique.

Perception is everything, and most people are skeptical of things they have never heard of, so let me get right to the point…

Anything you need, We Can Help!!

Our team only works with firms that we would trust to offer service to our own families, so you can be confident that they are dependable and responsible.

We are ready and willing to go to any length to get your desired results as quickly as possible while causing the least amount of stress to you and your family.

If you need assistance, simply call or fill out the form below to speak with one of our representatives. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain because we don’t charge anything up front.

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