From Acres to Dollars: How to Successfully Sell Land in Louisiana

If you’re a landowner residing outside of Louisiana and finding yourself in a predicament with inherited land or significant property tax arrears, you’re likely eager to understand the consequences of not paying property taxes and how to expedite the sale of your land without involving a realtor.

In this article, we’ll explore the process of successfully selling land in Louisiana, addressing the challenges you may face and providing valuable guidance to help you navigate this situation effectively.

Consequences of Not Paying Property Taxes in Louisiana

In Louisiana, unpaid property taxes can lead to a tax sale, where the delinquent tax bill is paid off through the sale of the property. The redemption period in Louisiana is typically three years after the date the tax sale certificate was recorded. During this period, it’s crucial to address the outstanding taxes to prevent the loss of your property.

To avoid the consequences of unpaid property taxes, it’s essential to understand the legal implications and take proactive measures to fulfill your tax obligations. Seeking professional assistance to navigate the complexities of property tax laws in Louisiana can help protect your property from being auctioned off due to unpaid taxes.

Selling Land Without a Realtor in Louisiana

Selling land in Louisiana without a realtor is feasible, but it requires careful consideration of legal and administrative processes. From drafting a purchase agreement to conducting a title search, various steps need to be taken to ensure a successful sale. While it’s possible to sell land by owner in Louisiana, seeking the attention of land buyers like us at Land Property Partners can streamline the process and provide valuable sources to selling unwanted property without a realtor.

Utilizing online platforms and local resources to market your land for sale can also be effective in reaching potential buyers. Establishing a clear understanding of the market value of your land and effectively showcasing its unique features can attract interested parties, ultimately expediting the sale process.


Navigating the process of selling land in Louisiana without a realtor and addressing unpaid property taxes requires careful attention to legal requirements and strategic planning. By understanding the consequences of not paying property taxes and taking proactive steps to expedite the sale of your land, you can protect your property interests and achieve a successful transaction.

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